Our Mission:

The mission of The Lovett Center is to cultivate and sustain a thriving community of helping professionals, whom we support through high-touch service, practice management, advanced education, and a collegial work environment.

Our Vision:

We believe that our continued efforts to foster collaboration, post-graduate educational opportunities, administrative support, and a healthy work culture can fundamentally change the way that outpatient practitioners serve their clients across the country. Our vision is to replicate our Houston based initiative in key markets around the United States in order to create a more supportive, knowledgeable, and connected way of delivering service to outpatient clients.

The Lovett Center provides a unique resource to local helping professionals by offering fully furnished part-time offices, as well as traditional lease occupancy in the heart of Montrose, one of Houston’s most creative neighborhoods.

Unlike most commercial offices, The Lovett Center delivers beautiful, intentionally designed office space for clinicians. We believe that an essential element of The Lovett Center is the provision of an attractive building that can support the healing work that professionals are doing with their clients.

We are a Community Hub for continued learning, collaboration, and innovation with other helping professionals. At The Lovett Center we believe in providing practitioners with the autonomy of private practice, while creating a work environment that feels like a community.

In addition to office space, we provide practice management and administrative support that clinicians in solo-practice cannot otherwise afford.

The Lovett Center equips helping professionals with:

  • Client reception and scheduling
  • HIPAA compliant phone extension and voicemail
  • An electronic health record
  • Copy, print, and mail service
  • Extended operating hours and availability, including Saturdays
  • Highly skilled and professional administrative support
  • Continuing education events and opportunities for clinical support and supervision

(The Lovett Center is an approved continuing education sponsor/provider for Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors in the state of Texas)

Our services are available for a low monthly fee that scales with the growth of your practice, ensuring that your overhead never outpaces your billable revenue.

The Lovett Center can also offer additional administrative support services such as:

  • Billing & invoicing
  • After-hours answering service
  • Accounting
(Pricing for these additional services is available upon request.)

We ensure that clinicians in our building have the administrative and clinical support to do their best work with those they serve.