Neil Moore, LMFT-A

Hello, I’m Neil Moore. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFT-A) with specialized training in working with clients from a systems-oriented perspective. This approach to therapy is founded on the principal that personal challenges and problems arise in a broader context of interpersonal relationships, social networks, and cultural expectations.

I help individuals, couples, and families navigate the challenges of living fully connected and relationally whole lives. Grounded in extensively-researched neurobiological theory, I employ mindfulness and awareness practices to bring my clients to a place of compassion toward themselves and acceptance of the way things are now, while enhancing their ability to focus on what they truly want from their future.

It’s easy to get caught up in the belief that what is happening in our lives right now should not be. That we have somehow messed up, taken a wrong turn, or otherwise deviated from our true path. And indeed there is value in recognizing areas of our life where we would like to experience transformation. When our desire for change, however, becomes aversion and resistance to the way things are now, we experience much suffering, and it often hinders our progress toward the very transformation we’re looking for. My goal is to help you accept your life as it is now, to help you treat yourself with kindness, and to help you learn how to take care of the present moment, so that the future takes care of itself. Together, we will work on understanding and accepting your life so far, exploring and defining the things you wish to change, and opening yourself up to the possibilities in your future.


713-470-9878 Ext. 720