by Robert Hilliker, LCSW, LCDC

At the recent Holiday Party, graciously hosted by the Klaybors, I found myself sitting around the fire in the backyard and thinking “these are the people I get to work alongside, how did I get so lucky?”

About that time Mike walked up and said something so simple, yet incredibly profound. He said “it’s the people that make the building,” and in that moment I recognized a powerful truth about our endeavor. While people often comment on the aesthetics of the space it is the people that fill the space with meaningful moments of connection that make it feel alive.

The design selections are informed by the intention we hold for the building to be a beautiful, calming environment. However, it is the warmth of the interactions and the genuineness of spirit that gives the building the perception of being a healing space.

As we continue to grow The Lovett Center and learn together I invite us all to keep this thought at the forefront of our minds.